Contact Us

The internet has opened the door to Indie Pop communities around the world allowing us to network internationally as well as locally. We want to hear from you! Blue Orange Records is interested in collaboration at every level! Contact us at  info[at]


Periodically we send a newletter to announce releases, events, and other good stuff happening at Blue Orange. Email us with your name and any comments to receive Blue Orange news and announcements.

Information for Bands:

Bands interested in working with Blue Orange Records please follow this information before you email us. First, listen to the music we release here. If you can imagine your band touring on the same bill with one of our bands, then you should email us with the following information and we will respond as soon as possible if we are interested in your project. Very important, please do not send mp3s not only will we not listen to them, but your email will be filtered and will not be opened, just send the following info:

  1. Contact (name and address)
  2. Band web site
  3. Favorite radio program (with web site if applicable)
  4. Favorite Independent Record Store
  5. Favorite Club Night and/or Venue for live music (with web site if applicable)
  6. Short description of your music
  7. Where you heard about Blue Orange Records
  8. Any other info you think might interest us

The above information is REQUIRED if you'd like us to consider your music. Please email your response to submit[at] Thank you for your interest in working with Blue Orange Records!